NOVOgen White Light

  • High number of first grade eggs
  • Persistent production curve
  • High eggshell quality
  • Low feed intake, efficient production
  • Good behavior, easy to work with
  • Low mortality, good healthiness

'A higher number of first grade eggs, against a low feed intake! That is the distinctiveness of the NOVOgen White Light'

The NOVOgen White Light owns basically all the characteristics where the NOVOgen genetics is known for; a highly efficient production in combination with a good behavior. This White Light version produces a lower egg weight in the second period of the egg production. As a consequence the eggshell quality is better and the persistency is higher. This combination results in a higher number of first grade eggs produced for the Poultry farmer. The NOVOgen hen, as you are used to, has an excellent feather condition and the feed intake is the lowest in her kind. Combine this with the rearing concept of Verbeek, which targets for example on vitality, and you make with the NOVOgen White Light the most profitable choice.


Feiten op een rij

Raising period (0-18 weeks)

Weights at 18 weeks 1265 grams

Laying period

50% in production 20 - 21 weeks

Per hen housed (85 weeks)

Number of eggs 393 eggs
Average egg weight 61-63 grams
Feed consumption (per day) 115-122 grams
Feed conversion 1.97-2.02 kg
Aver. volume of feed per egg 131-135 grams
Nesting behaviour good
Feathering good
Shell strength very good
Shell colour clear white
Vitality (survival ratio) 93 - 95%


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