NOVOgen Brown Classic

  • Efficient egg producer
  • Higher egg weight
  • Many top-grade eggs
  • Strong shell
  • Low feed conversion
  • Healthy and vital
  • Persistent laying curve
  • Selected for behaviour
  • Well-trained
  • Pleasurable to work with
  • Good feathering
  • Low depreciation per hen
  • Good nesting behaviour

The NOVOgen Brown Classic is a hen which produces many top-grade brown eggs with a high egg weight. A hen which combines egg mass and egg quality. The NOVOgen Brown Classic has good feathering and good laying capacity. It produces wonderful top-grade brown eggs until the end of the laying curve.

'Many kilos of brown eggs with an efficient feed conversion.'

Thanks to the slightly higher egg weight, this hen produces a considerable number of kilos of brown eggs on relatively little feed. The NOVOgen Brown Classic is your best choice when looking to sell many kilos of brown eggs at a keen feed conversion ratio and high profitability!

Feiten op een rij

Raising period (0-18 weeks)

Weights at 18 weeks 1500 g

Laying period

50% in production 20 - 21 weeks

Per hen housed (85 weeks)

Number of eggs 375 eggs
Average egg weight 63.7 grams
Feed consumption (per day) 114 grams
Feed conversion 2,20 kg
Aver. volume of feed per egg 140 grams
Nesting behaviour good
Feathering good
Shell strength very good
Shell colour brown, very good
Vitality (survival ratio) 93 - 95%


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