rearing accommodation

Nivo Varia rearing

  •  Nivo Varia is your guarantee of a well-trained, active hen which will find its way around any aviary system.
  •  Behaviour development is optimal, for example through stimulation of ground oriented pecking right from day 1.
  •  Thanks to height adjustable grill platforms, hens can simply fly into the system in order to easily find water and feed.
  •  The hens have plenty of freedom of movement.

Aviary rearing

  • Aviary rearing results in active, healthy hens who are suitable for aviary accommodation.
  •  The hens are taught to move around the system by means of water steering.
  •  Platforms suspended between the rows improve the possibility of water steering. And so the hens learn to move effectively through the system.

Nivo rearing

  •  The hens learn to fly due to platforms being fitted, above which water is provided. And so the hens subsequently easily move around the laying system.
  •  Hens reared in this manner flourish in a aviary system.
  •  The Nivo reared hen is also suitable for barn laying systems.

Barn rearing

  •  This is your guarantee of a healthy hen suitable for barn accommodation.
  •  The grill floors teach the hens to recognise heights, enabling them to subsequently find the laying nests more easily.

Rearing for extended cage / colony accommodation

  •  Hens are kept at a number of levels.